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Click Here To Buy They say that anyone can make something complicated, but it takes true creativity to make something simple out of something that is complicated. Michael Wright has done just that. In this book, you will learn how to author your own video games using HTML and JavaScript. These games can run as stand-alone games on your computer or run on your web site. You do not need special software or plug-ins. All the games in this book are explained line-by-line, not only telling HOW but telling WHY itís done.
Click the book to look at the first 25 pages. The entire book is 181 pages.
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Goose Hunting Game
Space Blaster
Football Math
Skeleton Puzzle
Outer Space Intruders

The Goose Hunting Game link above povides an updated version of the script that will work on newer browsers.
If you bought the book and you can't get a script to work, email me at and I will write a newer version that will work on all browsers.
I apologize for any frustrations. Not long after I published the book, new standards for JavaScript came out.