Outer Space Intruders

Click the image above to play the game
To download the images and sounds associated with this game, right-click on the link below, then click "Save as.." then save it to your hard drive.

base.gif (Base canon)
explosion.gif (Animated Gif image of explosion)
enemylaser.wav (WAV sound file of enemy ship firing)
hit.wav (WAV sound file of something being destroyed)
cosmo.mid (MIDI music file of alternate background music)
klingon.mid (MIDI music file of the background music)
lasersound.wav (WAV sound file of the base ship canon firing)
moonscape800x500.jpg (JPG picture of the background)
pinball.mid (MIDI music file of another alternate background music)
reddot.gif (Red dot that represents base or enemy projectile/laser)
ship.gif (Image of an enemy ship)