How to Program the ESP-01 Resource Page

Arduino Sketches

Pg. 57 motion_sensor_and_led.ino
Pg. 58 motion_sensor_and_relay_with_timer.ino
Pg. 62 wifi_and_server.ino
Pg. 69 stand_alone_offline_ap_controller_1.ino
Pg. 73 stand_alone_offline_ap_controller_2.ino
Pg. 82 control_relays_over_the_internet.ino
Pg. 94 repeater.ino
Pg. 103 softwareserial_to_esp01.ino
Pg. 108 send_email.ino
Pg. 112 motion_sensor_and_relay_with_timer_whatsapp.ino
Pg. 118 socketserver_demo.ino
Pg. 134 mechanical_relay_two_lights.ino
Pg. 137 solid_state_relay_blink.ino


at_firmware_1740_1mb.bin (AT Firmware Version July 8, 2020 1MB Connect at 115200 Baud *Recommended)
ai-thinker-v111_1MB.bin (AI Thinker Version 1MB Connect at 115200 Baud)
ai-thinker-0952-512k-9600baud.bin (AI Thinker Version for 512K chips *Connect at 9600 Baud)


ESP-01 Programmer Drivers for Windows
Arduino IDE Downloads
Espressif Flash download tool dowload page
esp8266_flasher.exe (Legacy ESP8266 Flashing tool (recommended)
Python for Windows download page

Parts Links

ESP-01 Module
ESP-01 Breakout Board Adapter
Solderless Beadboards
Jumper Wires
Aurdino Uno (Name Brand)
Arduino Uno (Less expensive - Compatible/Generic)
Breadboard Power Adapter with Wall Wart
Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi 5
ESP-01 Relay
ESP-01 Temperature/Humidity Module
2-Channel Relay Modules
4-Channel Relay Modules
Solid State 60 Amp Relay
FTDI Adapter
Mini USB Cable for FTDI adapter
1000 Ohm (1K Ohm) Resistors
10,000 Ohm (10K Ohm) Resistors
Breadboard Pushbuttons
LED Lights
22 Guage Solid Core Hookup Wire
Wire Strippers (for thin wires)
Wire Strippers for Romex Wire